A community-based art project that seeks to connect communities through pulling up a chair and sharing stories of positivity about Strong Women of Toledo.

Artwork by Vanessa Flory

Story from Ronald Dorsey

This story is about Ronald Dorsey’s mother; in his story he explains her not only as a strong woman, but a strong woman of faith. Having a mother who is a strong woman of faith allowed me to closely relate to Ronald’s sentiments about his mother. There are many things that make up a strong woman; however, I feel that the power of love is a woman’s greatest strength. Throughout my life when I have found it hard to love people, my mother has always quoted this scripture to me as a reminder of what it takes to love someone unconditionally. This scripture to me is the embodiment of a mother’s unconditional love. Ronald’s mother exhibited this kind of love throughout her life, and his story pays homage to how she positively influenced his life because of her love. The layering of the triangles is a metaphor for how a mother’s love is always present whether we can see it clearly or not. The triangles also reference the trinity of mind, body, and spirit, as well as the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost. 

- Vanessa Flory, Artist

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