A community-based art project that seeks to connect communities through pulling up a chair and sharing stories of positivity about Strong Women of Toledo.

Artwork by Whitmer High School

Story from Liz Buckland

Our design is based on the story shared by Liz Buckland. As soon as we listened to the story, we knew that our design needed to reflect her grandmother’s kindness, generosity and strong Polish heritage. The focal point in our image is a photograph of a woman lovingly offering an apple to the viewer. The radial pattern that surrounds the photograph was inspired by Polish folk art, which often utilizes cut paper and vibrant colors. The vines and leaves represent her garden, which literally and figuratively fed her community, and the seeds symbolize her extended family and the kindness that she nurtured in others. Liz Buckland’s grandmother was an inspiration for us, and we are hopeful that sharing her story might provide some inspiration for each of us to live with an increased awareness and empathy for others.

- Whitmer High School, Artist

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