A community-based art project that seeks to connect communities through pulling up a chair and sharing stories of positivity about Strong Women of Toledo.

Artwork by Robert Williams

Story from Kathy Greene

The story of a mother

Joanne Jorgensen Greene Deatrick epitomizes what it means to be a strong woman of Toledo. From the inspirational beginning of her story, narrated by daughter Kathy Greene, which chronicles her driving cross country from California to Toledo at age 79, to the many chapters of her life that previously influenced the city of Toledo and the surrounding area. 

The main illustration features the Rebel 16 sailboat developed and sold by her husband’s boating company with the mantra that Kathy’s story reverberated, “Coming back home to a life, well lived.” Also included are headlines from Joanne’s rich life and actual advertisements created by the WinYacht advertising agency she founded to advertise the products of Raymond Greene and Company.  The small selection of work stands as a monument to her positive impact on the boating industry of Northwest Ohio.

- Robert Williams, Artist

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