A community-based art project that seeks to connect communities through pulling up a chair and sharing stories of positivity about Strong Women of Toledo.

Artwork by Gina Scherzer

Story from Kate McComb

Living the dream. This is it. This woman of Toledo (a friend of a friend) somehow received an offer of a lifetime, planning exclusive parties and putting together floral arrangements on a semi-private island for a billionaire. It's what she always wanted but, without her knowing, she fell in love with our city. She planted roots here. 

After listening to Kate's story of her friend who was leaving for the ultimate adventure, I spent a day exploring Oak Openings to get a feel for what the tree covered island may bring to her. Since the pines of "The Spot" aren't native to Ohio, I decided that's where I'd go and explore. The smell, the silence, the creaking of the tall pines in the wind, the needles on the ground crunching beneath me and pine cones scattered here and there, this is what it must be like out there. Right? One can dream. I collected remnants of the forest and took them back to my house. Enjoyed the smell and scanned them into my computer. Thus, repetitive image of the pine cone. 

The pine cone represents the constant moves throughout life and the dropping of seeds along the way, eventually planting roots. While researching the symbolism of the pine cone, I found that it is similarly shaped to the Pineal Gland. And, the Pineal Gland is often thought to be related to the third eye, a symbol of intuition and spiritual illumination. Naturally, the soul's light is perfect for this adventure. Follow your dream, Patty; spread seeds, plant roots and enjoy every second. 

- Gina Scherzer, Artist

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