A community-based art project that seeks to connect communities through pulling up a chair and sharing stories of positivity about Strong Women of Toledo.

Artwork by Todd Childers

Story from Michael Brighton

I interpreted Michael Brighton’s audio recording as having an overall theme of cycles, past to present. There were several instances that generated the type of imagery that memories are made of. The earliest event mentioned that his great grandmother was present at Toledo’s Armistice celebration at the end of WWI when hundreds of airplanes flew over Toledo. Another part of Michael narrative recalled that his great aunt’s effort constructing Rainbow Inn in 1921. The focus of the design addresses several interrelated key events in his grandmother’s life. Her enlistment and promotion to sergeant in the Korean in 1951, that resulted in meeting her future husband on a military transport ship bound for Japan. Surprisingly, this resulted in three wedding ceremonies on the ship, in Japan, and finally in Toledo. Last but not least, her father promised a new car for being promoted to sergeant. In terms of concept and composition I decided to break composition into a two-column grid to hint at sequential structure. I countered this hard structure with a series of circular forms, rainbows, wedding rings, and automobile wheels.

- Todd Childers, Artist

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